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NOV 16 Session A
NOV 17 Session B
NOV 17 Session C
NOV 18 Session D
NOV 18 Session E

Our Voice, Our Stories*

A dynamic and interactive workshop, where relevant and culturally sensitive information on end-of-life care options, advance planning, and resources available to the Latino community will be presented. Aimed at training...
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Monica Toquinto
Leslie Martinez
María D. Otero

Three Secrets to Change Your Life*

There are many people out there who ask questions that have not been answered and that surely have to do with the limiting beliefs instilled in them in childhood. That...
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Dahlia Quiñonez

Pesticides and Healthy Pregnancies

Promotores will learn why women farmworkers are more likely to be exposed to pesticides, even if they are not the ones applying them directly. They will also learn why, as...
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Hermelinda Jiménez
Claudia Pérez
Nancy Villaseñor

Achieve Your Maximum Potential with the Wheel of Success

The workshop aligns very well with the theme of “I Am the Change,” as we work on discovering our potential utilizing the wheel of success to become aware of unconscious...
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Saul Pichardo

When Love Changes to a Pitbull or to a Cobra

Promotores in their home visits and in the organizations where they work can be the necessary alert from the knowledge they possess. This workshop has the objective of understanding behavior...
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Henry Saray

How Do You Treat the Elderly in Your Community?

This workshop is aimed at both promotores who promote the creation of these spaces, as well as the general public who are interested in learning strategies to know how to...
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Stephanie de Jesús Cardenas Valdovinos

The Public Charge Rule and Access to Public Benefits for Immigrant Families

During this workshop we will discuss how concerns about being considered a public charge prevent many families in our communities from applying for vital public benefits. We’ll talk about recent...
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Vanessa de la Rosa

Gambling Addiction: How It Impacts Us All

In this interactive workshop we will learn how gambling has historically impacted the Latino community generationally, and how during the last decades the impact has been increasing, due to changes...
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Hugo R. Ramírez

Living Your Best Life: How Palliative Care Can Improve Your Quality of Life

The primary aim of this session is to encourage and inspire promotores and community health workers to consider pursuing efforts to promote palliative care awareness and understanding in their local...
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Olivia Tigre Nerimora

The Power of All (English Session)*

Practicar es poder! Practicing is power! Join us in a session with expert advocates in social issues, health care access and more! This session will be focused on sharpening your...
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Vanessa Cajina
Marj Plumb
Maribel Montes de Oca

Dimensions of Human Behavior: I Am the Change*

The intention of the workshop is to provoke participants to recognize, know, and take action against the stabilization of the dimensions that make up the human being as a person...
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Henry Saray

Do You Speak or Communicate? Your Personal or Professional Success Depends on This*

We will address the fundamentals of communication and the components of effective communication in different situations, both personal and in community activities. Objectives Understand what it means to communicate and...
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Hugo R. Ramírez

Our Fight Against Parkinson’s

This workshop’s main objective is to be an introduction to discovery and understanding about Parkinson’s with the testimony of a patient with Parkinson’s (Nicaragua), a caregiver (Mexico), a promotor (USA)...
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Sheila Ivett Aguilar Narvaez
Adriana Jimenez
Laura Ramirez

Latinos Opening Paths for a Healthy Planet

This workshop is designed to inform about the relevance of this topic, give strategies to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and educate the public about the social and cultural stigmas...
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Valeria Archundia Morales 

When Kidneys Fail—The Big Order

In this presentation we will talk about diabetes and high blood pressure as main causes of loss of kidney function, the evaluation process, and management of kidney transplant failure. We...
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Franco Reyna

Reduced Exposure to Toxins

The successful development and implementation of a promotoras training and advocacy program on how to teach others to reduce the risk of chemical exposure in South Central Los Angeles and...
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Leticia Ortiz
Ashley Aguayo
Luz Chacón

Understand to Care: Let’s Learn About Alzheimer’s Disease

In this workshop we will talk about what Alzheimer’s is and how to care for a person with Alzheimer’s. It can bring various challenges and sometimes not knowing how to...
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Perla F. Rosales

Promotoras in Power: Logros and luchas locales

Join us in an energizing and engaging session where we connect the corazón de servicio (heart of service) to the voz de la abogacía (voice of advocacy) through visuals, testimonies,...
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Promotores on the Way to Professionalization, Learning and Applying the Best Techniques and Tools Through the Reinforcement of Personal Skills*

An experiential and practical workshop where through exercises we will address how to create a space for personal growth, healing and self-care, as well as innovative instructional tools. Objectives Learn...
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Isabel Morales

Mental Health Coping Strategies*

This workshop will give promotores tools to practice and teach breathwork and gratitude journaling. We will be guiding a breathing technique and providing prompts for journaling exercises. Participants will walk...
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Promotores/CHWs: A Pathway to Provide Services to Medi-Cal Members

This workshop will provide an introduction to the CHW benefit and information on promotores’ pathway to providing services for Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Promotores will learn how to navigate the managed care...
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Laura Cornejo
Mayra Serrano

Promoting Healthy Relationships and Effective Communication

This workshop aims to equip promotores with the knowledge and skills necessary to foster healthier relationships. Through interactive discussions and hands-on exercises, participants will explore the importance of setting healthy...
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Mónica Lopez-Lara
Miguel Zepeda Rolon

Promotores as Advocates for Change

At this workshop we will share the experience of advocates’ efforts to support health care-based voter registration. Attendees will learn how promotores can educate their communities about the importance of...
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Maria Bobrowski-Artola
Bianca Navarro

Let’s Celebrate Life, Let’s Honor Mourning

This workshop shows us the pain of loss in the nuclear family or in the big family—the community. We will share simple techniques to communicate about death to children, youth,...
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Isela Gonzalez
Yudenia Tiza Rodriguez

Getting to Know Me

In this workshop the participants will carry out an exercise to learn their SWOT. When a promotor knows their SWOT, he/she knows himself/herself, internalizes the positive, works on the negative,...
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Javier Castellanos Lara

Time Management: Balance Between Work and Personal Life

In this interactive workshop we will share experiences, knowledge and some strategies that help us effectively plan our time and thus become more productive and efficient, achieve goals in less...
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Tania Maguina

Fighting CRC: Promoters Helping to Prevent Colorectal Cancer

This interactive workshop teaches promotores about colorectal health, different CRC screenings, and provides materials facilitating promotor community outreach. The workshop also provides a hands-on CRC screening demonstration and an opportunity...
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Esme Limeta
Andrea Chirino
Miriam Hernández

The Power of Promotoras: What It Means to Advocate as a Promotora

Promotoras have el corazón de servicio y el poder de la abogacía (the heart of service and the power of advocacy)! The promotor model is rooted in transforming families and...
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Bailoterapia (Dance Therapy)

An experiential, active and dynamic workshop of the Bailoterapia Circle that will generate new physical and emotional health skills. Sportswear is suggested. Objectives Understand how Bailoterapia Circles can enhance the...
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Maricela Sanchez

Buddhist Meditation: Spiritual Development, Consciousness and Cordiality

Mediation is a wonderful self-observation technique and greatly relieves the stress we are subjected to in our daily lives. But this is only a consequence, and it is not the...
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Giovanny Choque Ladino

Caress Your Heart with Your Song

In this workshop we will use the voice and singing as a practice that has always been used by all cultures with the purpose of helping people in their healing...
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Giovanny Suarez

Promotores, a Bridge to Health*

In our workshop we will focus on why improving patient communications is critical to improving health outcomes. We emphasize the role of promotores in educating the community about health. Objectives...
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Russell A. Bennett

The Relationship Between Chronic Diseases and Mental Health*

During this workshop promotores will be able to understand the bidirectional relationship between chronic disease and mental health with a special focus on diabetes and depression. Promotores will learn to...
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Rosalba Cain
Adriana Argaiz
Alma García

Growing Our Family, Champions for Change

This workshop will present three themes that the team has used to support and develop the skills of promotores. We will focus on collaborators, training, and technology with an emphasis...
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Marianna Corona
Rosa Lopez
Cecilia Guzman

LinkedIn as a Tool

Through this interactive session, we’ll explore how to create a LinkedIn profile and how to use it effectively to make meaningful connections, network, and take advantage of career opportunities. Attendees...
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Lilia Flores
Claudia Saavedra

Mourning and Resignation, Learning to Live with the Loss

The workshop will be formative and educational with a community language that is easy to remember and practice. In the workshop we seek to strengthen positive experiences after grief and...
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Sara Calderon

Gratitude as Part of Physical and Emotional Self-Care

In this workshop you will learn how the practice of gratitude helps the brain to generate chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins, creating physical well-being since it lowers the heart...
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Deisy Garcia
Angelica Maria Orellana
Laura Ramirez

Pronouns Matter: Creating Inclusive Environments

This workshop has been designed to increase awareness about the importance of gender pronouns and using inclusive language to build more welcoming environments for the LGBTQI+ community. The workshop will...
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Mayra Serrano

Through the Front Door: Promotores in the Fight for a Fair Housing System

This workshop presents the struggle and the experiences lived by promotores in the absence of a fair housing system. This is a hot topic in our communities. High rents, evictions,...
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Ana Arucha Tutila
Martha Pineda
Maria Huerta

Centering Youth Voices: Youth Promotores as Agents of Change (English Session)*

When youth are given access to the decision making table, watch out! Come join us as we share the journey of how youth Promotores in Kern County are creating health...
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