In-person Workshops

All times are Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
OCT 6 Session A
OCT 7 Session B
OCT 7 Session C
OCT 8 Session D
OCT 8 Session E

Effective and Affective Communication

This workshop seeks for participants to increase awareness and understanding communicating their thoughts, feelings and needs in an effective, assertive and clear manner. Also, to know that an essential part...
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Carla Herrera Labra

Promoting the Protective Factors That Strengthen Families*

Participants will have the opportunity to explore the Protective Factors Framework and learn about strategies that help families build those protective factors. Participants will learn how to use strengths-based strategies...
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Elsa Leal

“Estamos Juntos”: An Emotional Well-being Project        

A panel of promotor peer crisis counselors will share the success and impact of the “Estamos Juntos” emotional wellness project on the community, including participants’ success stories, training topics, team...
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Liza Serna
Gerry Balcazar

How Do We Treat Seniors in Our Community?        

This workshop will emphasize the importance of creating and carrying out strategies to create spaces in which older adults can remain active to rescue them from loneliness, depression, and even...
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Stephanie de Jesús Cardenas Valdovinos

What Does It Mean to Be a Woman Today?

In this workshop, participants will learn about how women have achieved a place in society that allows them to become the person they want to be. They will have the...
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Lady Freire

The Integration of Service from the Heart into Professionalism in the Workplace

In this workshop, participants will create a dialogue where they will analyze the impact that the promotor’s work has had in the past and in the present, where they are...
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Hugo R. Ramirez
Miriam Hernández

Learn the Facts! Kill the Pests—Protect Your Family!

For promotores who work or live in agricultural areas and serve farmworkers and their families: participants will learn about the symptoms of pesticide poisoning, the short/long-term health effects of pesticides;...
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Nancy Villaseñor

Promotores: Your Job, Your Health, Your Life

This interactive workshop will provide information about workplace health and safety principles as it applies to promotores. Through interactive activities, they will learn to identify hazards and prevent injuries and...
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Veronica Ponce de Leon
Patricia Rizo

What Can You Do to Support People with Vision Loss and Diabetes?

This workshop will cover topics such as the importance of eye exams, tips for helping people experiencing vision loss, and a guide to living with vision loss and diabetes.
Marienela Moran
Pris Rogers

Talking About the Human Papilloma Virus in the Latino Community*

In this workshop, the presenters will facilitate activities to encourage participants to open conversations about sexual health with providers, family, and friends. Participants will learn to advocate for themselves and...
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Alejandra Ramos
Carolina Aristizabal

Clinical Trials and Their Importance in Advancing Community Health

This workshop aims to expand the promotor’s knowledge about clinical trials and provide them with tools to effectively educate the community about clinical trials and their contribution to the advancement...
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Mayra Serrano

How to Create and Maintain Credible and Culturally Relevant Social Media Content for the Latine Population

Through an engaging and interactive session, the presenters will train promotores to be digital ambassadors for healthy living. Participants will learn how to deliver credible and culturally relevant digital resources...
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Neftali Duran
Elizabeth Alden

From the Soul: Becoming Aware of Our Responsibility to Face the Current Crisis

This workshop promotes personal growth from realization through the expansion of consciousness. It also encourages individual conscious work, contributing to the construction of better human beings and developing better people...
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Giovanny Choque Ladino
Carmen Aparicio

Reading Books in Spanish for Children as a Tool for Emotional Health in the Community

This workshop will present tools for promotoras and their communities that honor their mother tongue, creating channels to approach different generations. The use of children’s literature facilitates emotional regulation. It...
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Temis Laguna

Recipe for Preparing Reproductive Health Promotores… Without Dying in the Attempt        

An interactive workshop where promotores will gain skills, strategies, and tools necessary to learn to navigate reproductive health and rights issues through values clarification. With a focus on the vision...
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Brenda González
Dinorah Martínez

Integrate: Dynamics of Group Formation and Icebreakers*

In this workshop, participants will practice activities that support the promotores getting to know each other, as well as group formation activities to help participants integrate and become a team....
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The Promotores Institute: Inspiring Personal and Community Transformation*

This workshop will discuss the ongoing training process for promotoras. A panel of promotoras from the first generation of Visión y Compromiso’s Instituto de Promotores (Promotores Institute) will review the...
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Patricia Rizo

CHIRLA: Knowing the Heart of Our Organization

This workshop will share the beginnings of CHIRLA and its impact on its members by getting involved in their communities, inspiring the participants through testimonials, some sad and some joyful....
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Sowing Change, Harvesting Hope        

The workshop will share the experiences of creating community gardens to develop community connections and support families to create resources for equity within our society.
Tracey Kimura
Maria Alonso

Introduction to Geriatrics and Gerontology

During the workshop, we will open a space for reflection through questions regarding old age and aging. The purpose is to share basic academic concepts and practical applications of Gerontology...
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Carlos Londono

Understanding and Controlling Asthma

Promotores will learn the basics about asthma: what happens in the lungs when asthma symptoms begin, common triggers, how to prevent asthma attacks, and understand common asthma medications.
Jacklyn Loya

The Use of Social Media as an Education and Outreach Tool

Currently, social networks are used continuously to learn about news, to purchase and sell diverse products, find information, establish contacts, play games, carry out professional activities, chat and share around...
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Liza Serna

Overcoming Abuse with Mindfulness

With the emphasis on self-care, compassion, and self-compassion, we will introduce the advantages of practicing mindfulness techniques to overcome physical and emotional abuse in people. The practice of mindfulness techniques...
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Arturo Palato

Autism: Know the Basics About the Autism Spectrum*

In this workshop, participants will discuss general information about autism that will inform and guide promotores about the factors surrounding this condition and learn about early intervention resources that can...
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Julia Gonzalez
Angelica Maria Orellana

Suicide Prevention: Question, Persuade, Refer

Just as CPR trainees and the Heimlich maneuver help save thousands of lives each year, QPR trainees learn to recognize the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to...
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Arturo Salazar

Assertive Communication: The Key to the Professional and Personal Success of the Promotor

Workshop participants will discuss the impact of communication from the beginning of human society and how assertive communication techniques can lead us towards successful relationships in different areas of our...
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Hugo R. Ramírez

Popular Education and Community Promotores*

In this space, the presenters will share how popular education supports the work of promotores and their leadership towards the construction of community power, its organization, and cultural essence. The...
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Open the Window: The Importance of Ventilation and Your Health

This workshop will discuss the importance of ventilation to protect health. Ventilation helps reduce asthma triggers and exposure to toxic chemicals, allergens and other small particles that are harmful to...
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Alhelí Baños
Fabiola Estrada

Breaking the Cycle of Violence by Training Family, Friends, and Neighbors

Learn who Family, Friends, and Neighbors (FFN) Caregivers are and why Visión y Compromiso created the “Family Caregivers Program,” what the generational approach is to address domestic violence, and some...
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Alejandra Reyes

Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health in Our Communities

This workshop will provide promotores information about the sexual and reproductive health services they can disseminate in their communities in culturally effective ways which has the potential to dramatically improve...
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Sandra Abarca
Sylvia Castillo

Critical Documents: Get the Care You Want When You Need It Most

An educational presentation on critical documents: what to do if a family member becomes incapacitated and cannot make their own decisions? Documents include: Advance Health Care Directives, Living Will, 5...
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Jenny Alcala-Alonzo
Karen Armijo

What Is Climate Change, and How Does It Affect Us?        

During this workshop, participants will learn about the greenhouse effect and climate change concepts. To encourage critical thinking, participants will analyze energy consumption and its environmental repercussions.

Adapting E-cigarette/Vaping Prevention Programming to Reach the Latinx Community

To address the dangers of vaping, the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Community Outreach and Engagement team partnered with Visión y Compromiso to adapt e-cigarette prevention programming for use by...
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Alison K. Herrmann, PhD
Verónica Árciga
Miriam Hernández

First Steps Towards a Kidney Transplant

An informative workshop for promoters who support people living with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or kidney failure. Participants will learn about chronic diseases that lead to...
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Franco Reyna

Laughter Therapy

Through a practical workshop that includes relaxation exercises and group dynamics, the importance of laughter therapy and good humor will be discussed, thus advocating for the right to mental health...
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Patricia Jacobo

Bailoterapia (Dance Therapy)

Bailoterapia (dance therapy) helps a person to feel better physically and mentally. It helps control chronic diseases to lower stress. As this activity is carried out in a group, it...
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Maricela Sanchez


Through simple and effective techniques, participants will learn to awaken their senses through breathing.
Maria Elena Fonseca

What Hurts Us: A Space to Heal

Through breathing and movement exercises this workshop will invite participants to reflect upon their life story and connect it with their personal purpose.
Giovanny Choque Ladino

Atlas of the Promotor’s Heart*

During this workshop, participants will reflect upon the construction of significant relationships by using their own experiences and deepening their understanding of feelings. Based on the book Atlas of the...
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Alma Esquivel

Self-defense Class for Women

A workshop on self-defense for women where they will obtain resources, tools and skills to be more alert and safe when they carry out community outreach activities. They will practice...
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Pesticides: More Toxic Than Your Ex, and You Have Them in Your House. Get to Know Them Better and Learn How to Use Pesticides in a Correct and Safe Manner

In this workshop, participants will learn the importance of reading and understanding the pesticide labels, including: What is the word sign?; first aid in case of exposure; and how to...
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Alex Cadenas
Fabiola Estrada

Being Happy and Not Die Trying

This workshop will present how caring for the different areas of human beings can lead to happiness. Promotores and community health workers will learn practical tools to help prevent common...
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Ricardo Berrocal Arnana

The Importance of Effective Communication Between Promotores

This workshop will support Promotores to identify the characteristics of a good promotor. Participants will learn about the necessary tools for the management of confidentiality in the daily work they...
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Blanca Madrid
Maricruz Herrera

Towards a Preventive Culture from a Holistic Approach

During this workshop, participants will learn about specific tools to prevent disease through physical, mental-emotional, social and spiritual self-care.
Miriam Hernández

Reproductive Justice: Know Your Reproductive Health Rights        

Essential Access Health will facilitate an interactive workshop using a Reproductive Justice model to share advocacy and skills development tools and to increase promotores’ knowledge of sexual health rights and...
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Justice Reform for Our Communities

During this workshop a panel of experts will present various perspectives on the support, programs and services our community needs to regain stability after being in contact with the justice...
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Cultural Identity: The Pride of Our Roots

During this workshop we will talk about how to reconnect with our cultural traditions.
Guillermo Hernández

Thinking Outside the Box: Working with Rural Communities*

During this workshop, participants will participate in a presentation, group activity, and group discussion to learn how to utilize available resources to create positive change in rural communities. * Interpretation available
Miguel Zepeda Rolon
Myra Chavoya-Perez

Healthy Grieving

Alejandro Bulnes