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Health Equity for Latinos      

In this workshop, participants will discuss how equity applied to the health of Latinos is necessary to achieve a better future for our community, understanding inequalities and the social determinants...
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Yamilet Valladolid, MPH

Raising Awareness About Prostate Cancer in Latino and African-American Men*

In this workshop, participants will learn about prostate cancer, its risk factors, lifestyle changes to reduce the risk, screening methods, diagnosis and treatment options. Prostate cancer is the most common...
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Eduardo Ibarra
Carolina Aristizabal

Reproductive Justice: Know Your Reproductive Health Rights        

Essential Access Health will facilitate an interactive workshop using a Reproductive Justice model to share advocacy and skills development tools and to increase promotores’ knowledge of sexual health rights and...
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A Practical Guide to Achieve Financial Well-being in the Family

This wokshop will discuss the practical guide to achieving economic well-being in the family that consists of developing a plan and setting goals. By following the seven steps presented, families...
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Aging Creatively: Encouraging Intergenerational Social Connections

The presentation will focus on the “Well Connected Español” program, a virtual community of older Latino adults. Using this work as an example, key concepts that help promote the comprehensive...
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Michael Cueva
Lizette Suarez

Using Resilience to Survive a World in Crisis*

In this workshop, participants will learn to carry out self-help and self-care exercises, and communicate with empathy and active listening. These tools aim to generate better ways to communicate and...
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Fabiola Freire

How to Create and Maintain Credible and Culturally Relevant Social Media Content for the Latine Population

Through an engaging and interactive session, the presenters will train promotores to be digital ambassadors for healthy living. Participants will learn how to deliver credible and culturally relevant digital resources...
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Neftali Duran
Elizabeth Alden

Care for Caregivers of Persons with Cancer

In this workshop, the presenter will facilitate a dialogue about the challenges faced by the caregiver of a person with cancer, the strategies they can use to maintain a good...
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Dr. Ernesto Lopez Hidalgo

Evidence on Accompaniment and Self-managed Abortion Supported by the Community

In this workshop, presenters will share knowledge of both personal experiences providing accompaniment and research on this unique and innovative model of care. Presenters will share information about the safety...
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Veronica Cruz Sanchez

The Use of Social Media as an Education and Outreach Tool*

Currently, social networks are used continuously to learn about news, to purchase and sell diverse products, find information, establish contacts, play games, carry out professional activities, chat and share around...
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Liza Serna

Clinical Trials and Their Importance in Advancing Community Health

The purpose of this conversation is to serve as a platform for promotores to expand their knowledge about clinical trials while providing them with tools to present effective education in...
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Mayra Serrano

Healthy Brain and Body: Latest Alzheimer’s Research        

In this workshop, participants will learn strategies to age healthier and build a plan for healthy aging. This issue is important because the incidence of high blood pressure and diabetes...
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Sandra Green
Nora Vigil

Human Smuggling vs. Human Trafficking and the Risk Areas in Our Community

The purpose of this workshop is to increase the information and awareness about human trafficking and human smuggling, the risks to which our community is exposed and how to be...
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Virginia Isaías

Public Charge and Its Most Recent Updates

In this workshop participants will learn what public charge is, its most recent updates, and its implications for the Latino population in the United States.
Verónica Árciga
Lena Silver

Let’s Talk About Sexuality

The goal in this workshop is to promote a comprehensive vision of human sexuality, which can support the participants to build or strengthen knowledge that favors the achievement of positive...
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Inés Fabela

How to Produce Materials for Popular Education*

In this virtual workshop, presenters will share the basic process of production of educational materials based on popular education processes. They will share examples of materials already produced virtualy, highlighting...
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Your Story Counts: A Strong Model of Collaboration Between Academics and Promotores

During this workshop, Dr. Fejerman will share her experience working with community representatives and advocates to develop a program for the education and prevention of hereditary breast cancer among Latina...
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