Virtual Workshops

All times are Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
OCT 7 Session A
OCT 8 Session B
OCT 8 Session C
OCT 9 Session D
OCT 9 Session E

Building Environmental Systems and Understanding How They Impact Community Health

In this workshop, participants will learn how street design positively or negatively affects both their physical and emotional health, what a built environment is, as well as how they can...
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Nancy E. Cid Gómez
Dora Gaby Segovia

For Your Heart and Your Community

In this workshop participants will analyze the importance of preventing and managing blood pressure in a clinical space (at their doctor’s office) and building awareness in their community. Participants will...
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Carolina Barahona
Patricia Rizo

The Root of Prevention*

This workshop provides educational information to address misconceptions about sexual assault and harassment at work, myths and realities as explained by survivors. It will also present a model where a...
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Leticia Velez
Anabella Aguirre
Verónica Lagunas

Mindful Eating* 

Mindful eating gives us the opportunity to care for ourselves and the environment in a movement called One Health that recognizes the connection between the health of humans, animals, and...
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Rosalía García-Torres
Mirna Troncoso Sawer
Nelida Duran, PhD, MS, RD

Love as the Engine for Community Change

In this workshop, promotores will reflect upon the transformative path intention and actions initiated with love have in our lives.
Antolín Rodríguez

Enjoying the Golden Years

In this workshop, participants will address the importance of taking care of the most valuable thing we have: our body. Focusing on acceptance and attention to the signals it gives...
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Magda Rojas

The Promotores Institute: Inspiring Personal and Community Transformation

Participants will learn how the Promotores Institute was implemented during the pandemic and how the 20 participants turned an obstacle into an opportunity, managing to complete Stage I of the...
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Gerry Balcazar
Miriam Hernández

How to Achieve Goals the Easy Way

In this workshop, promotores will learn about tools to make a dream or project a reality within a specific timeframe. They will be exposed to simple techniques to achieve their...
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Joaquín López

Psychological First Aid and Self Care Practices for Community Health Care Providers

Promotores will be trained and have the opportunity to practice the core actions of Psychological First Aid (PFA), an evidence-based method of providing culturally sensitive psychological support to those who...
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Ali Cortés
Anthony Rodríguez

Understanding Special Education Needs Throughout Life

In this workshop, participants will learn about the special education needs that a person could develop throughout their life: what they are and what help, services and resources can be...
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Ana Laura Cornejo

Sleep Disorders

In this workshop, participants will learn about common sleep disorders, their health consequences, as well as statistics and treatments. There are various sleep disorders that many people are unaware of...
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Carlos Londono

Healthy Grieving*

In this workshop, promotores will discuss the topic of grief and loss and recommendations to deal with multiple types of losses (i.e., loss of a loved one, loss of independence,...
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Alejandro Bulnes

The Path to Personal and Professional Development for Promotores

In this workshop, participants will learn about tools to support their personal and professional growth as a promotor upon entering the workforce.
Lady Freire
Miriam Hernández

Empowerment and Leadership in Business: The Importance of Resilience in Times of Change and the Seven Levels of Consciousness

In this workshop, participants will learn what resilience is and how they can use resilience as a tool to advance their personal and professional goals. We will introduce the Seven...
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Mónica Robles

Improving our Interactions With Older Adults in the Community

In this workshop, promotores will increase their awareness of the needs of the fast-growing population of people ages 85+. The workshop will include interactive activities that simulate disabilities that older...
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Karen Armijo

Mitigation of COVID-19: Utilizing the Promotor Model

Workshop participants will learn about the impact and importance of including promotores and an equity lens in the emergency response of public health problems, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
Conrado Barzaga
Alejandro Espinoza

The Second Season of Spring: Menopause and Andropause*

In this workshop, promotores will reflect on their experiences and concerns about menopause and andropause and will analyze the myths surrounding these processes and their effects on the body, mood,...
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Alma Esquivel

The Importance of the Role of the Promotor in Mental Health Services for Immigrants and Refugees: An Investigative Study

In this workshop, we will share the results of two years of research on how to improve mental health services for immigrants and refugees through the integration of the promotor...
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Marisela Blancas
Hugo R. Ramirez

Transforming Threats Into Opportunities: Obesity Prevention During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this workshop, participants will discuss the importance of continuing support and sustainability of obesity prevention programs for problems exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the example of the Gasol...
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Santiago Gómez, MSc, MPH, PhD
Irma Madrigal
Lidia Estrada

Emotional Intelligence in Our Society*

This workshop is designed for participants who wish to reflect and discover guidelines that deepen their skills in emotional intelligence and interpretation of the post-pandemic context and the current social...
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Fabiola Freire

Caring for the Caregiver: Providing Support and Addressing the Emotional Needs of Cancer Caregivers

This workshop presents fundamental concepts for meeting the emotional needs of a cancer caregiver.
Ernesto López Hidalgo

Women Who Stay at Home: The Best Social Leaders for Integrating Change in Their Community

In this workshop, participants will reflect on the value women who stay at home, highlighting their work in the home while enhancing their transformative social impact.
Concepción Villalvazo

Positive Sexuality*

In this workshop, participants will learn strategies to promote sexual health and well-being to create a positive and dignified sexuality within the framework of sexual justice. * Interpretation available
Alejandra Quintero

Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health in Our Communities

This workshop will provide promotores with information that they can disseminate in their communities in culturally effective ways to improve the sexual health outcomes of Latino immigrants and families.
Sandra Abarca
Sylvia Castillo

Being a Woman Is Hard: A Guide to Depression

This workshop seeks to provide promotores with a guide to identify depression and tools to overcome it. This workshop focuses on the importance of recognizing the symptoms and sources of...
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Lupita Lombardo

Telehealth and Innovation

Through practice, they will be introduced to common virtual platforms and useful digital applications preparing them to navigate effectively in this technological era.
Brenda González
Dinorah Martínez

The Seven Pillars of a Healthy Brain

In this workshop, promotores will learn about the seven pillars for good brain health that can support neurogenesis (creation of new neurons), neuroplasticity (creation of new connections), and cognitive reserve...
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Norma Castellano

Human Rights and Community Well-Being

In this workshop, promotores will discuss the history of human rights and the systems that oppress communities. Participants will explore ideas to improve educational and health systems, the political and...
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Amalia Deaztlan

Rights for Peace: The Value of Intergenerational Memory in Communities*

This workshop seeks to give meaning to the legacy of women, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters and to value intergenerational memory in communities based on familial and personal histories, migratory...
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Ana María Moraga

How to Talk to Your Community About Parkinson’s Disease*

In this workshop, promotores will learn to use tools to communicate about Parkinson’s Disease so they can more effectively share with their community how to identify the signs, the people...
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Adriana Jiménez

The Use of Technology in Community Outreach Work*

In this workshop, promotores will increase their understanding of how they can use their phones and electronic devices to more effectively reach the communities they work with.  *Interpretation available
Liza Serna

Alzheimer’s Disease Is Not Part of Normal Aging

In this workshop, participants will learn about the detection, causes, risk factors, stages, and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. In addition, they will learn about the resources available to the Latino...
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Mirella Díaz-Santos

LGBTQ: Learning About Sexual Diversity

In this workshop, promotores will clarify their misconceptions about sexual diversity, increase their understanding of the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, and will hear testimonies from people from...
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Andrea Lizama Pinto

Facing the Extinction of the Human Race: Your Role in Safeguarding the Environment

This workshop summarizes the current environmental situation, its causes, effects, and future projections and presents effective and practical solutions to the environmental crisis at the individual, community, and national/global levels.
Glenn López

Healing with Art

This workshop aims to educate promotores about the benefits of coloring to relieve stress and practice mindfulness.
Nancy Valdovinos

El Círculo de Bailoterapia (Dance Therapy)

Dance therapy supports improves physical and mental health. It helps control chronic disease, reduces stress, and offers the benefits of a social group activity, improving the holistic health of participants. 
Maricela Sanchez

Laughter Yoga: From Laughter to the Peace of a Smile

Laughter Yoga is holistic health through laughter, smiling and joy. It consists of fun exercises with aerobic and cardiovascular effects. In addition to stretching, breathing, and meditation exercises, it integrates...
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Antolín Rodríguez

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is an Indian-born concept that is based on the claim that “anyone can laugh.” Laughter is free, fun, contagious, and healing. Blood flow improves blood vessel function and...
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Elvia Reyes

The Role of the Promotor and Self-Care in Times of the Pandemic*

In this workshop, promotores will address the challenges that the promotor has faced during this pandemic and the importance of practicing physical, emotional and social self-care. Additionally we will discuss...
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Marisela Blancas
Hugo R. Ramirez

Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking During the Pandemic

In this workshop, participants will learn about the connection between abuse, domestic violence, and modern slavery and how we can reduce risk factors in the community. The increase in domestic...
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Virginia Isaías

Art Journaling to Nurture Your Mind

In this highly interactive and experiential workshop, participants will use oil pastels, crayons, acrylic paint, and other materials to create two pages of journal art. Presenters will provide a brief...
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Fabiola Freire

Restoring Cultural Values of the Latinx Indigenous Community

In this workshop, participants will strengthen their skills to reconnect culture and science and make positive community behavior changes by reconnecting our communities with their healthier origins to prevent chronic...
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Cindia Martínez
Francisco Icalá
Carlos Izaguirre

Healing Our Traumas, Transforming Our Lives*

This workshop explores the effects of trauma for those who witness a traumatic event.  It presents specific care information and resources to assist victims and families experiencing intentional and unintentional...
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Maritza Aisputo
Amy Muratalla

Promotores de Salud: Your Self-Care Comes First

In this workshop, promotores will participate in a dialogue about the importance of self-care and setting boundaries to prevent stress and fatigue that may lead to an imbalance of energy...
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Irene Martínez

Storytellers of the People

The re-establishment of the role storytellers play in the people’s struggles.
Rosa Martha Zarate