2020 Workshops

All times are Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
OCT 1 Session A
OCT 2 Session B
OCT 2 Session C
OCT 3 Session D

Education and Pedagogy: Inspiration for Promotores

With this workshop we would like to foster a reflection about the importance of constant (or lifelong) training (or learning) when your role is to be a community promotores; By...
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Angela Reed

A Healthy Journey to Prevent Childhood Obesity and Chronic Diseases

The biopsychosocial approach recognizes the interconnection between biology, psychology, and social contributors to health and diseases. It is an important change from the medical standpoint, which centers on physical and...
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Santiago Gómez, MSc, MPH, PhD
Irma Madrigal
Lidia Estrada

Adaptation of Effective Community Outreach in Critical Times*

In this workshop, we will analyze adaptive strategies for effective community outreach in critical or non-traditional times for community promotores. Objectives: Promotores will learn the most common obstacles to the...
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Marisela Blancas
Hugo R. Ramírez

Immune System Function in the Prevention of COVID-19*

During this workshop, you will understand how the immune system works, the different parts that compose it, and the importance of keeping it healthy to achieve the prevention of COVID-19....
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Miriam Hernández

Use of Social Networks in the Work of Promotores

This workshop will review the way promotores use social media to support their work and reach the community. Objectives: Explore the most commonly used social networks. Learn to create content...
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Madeleine Hernández

Breaking the Cycle of Violence

Promotores play an important role in helping communities learn about healthy relationships, to recognize signs of toxic environment, be advocates, and provide needed resources. It is important for families and...
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Anissa Acosta
Elizabeth Pureco-Angel

Are Your Children Safe in Daycare?

In this workshop you will learn how to protect the health of children, how past uses of a location can leave contamination on a property, the nearby sources of contamination,...
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Nancy Villaseñor

Active Aging and Brain Health in Latinos*

The workshop will present information related to the latest clinical research for healthy aging and support resources for participants. The presentation will include a basic explanation for promotores about memory,...
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Gloria Martínez
Patricia Dailey
Carlos Londono

Emotional Intelligence*

In this workshop promotores will learn to identify tools that improve their communication, leadership and emotional intelligence skills and apply them in their social environments and communities as agents of...
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Fabiola Freire

What Are Clinical Trials and How Can I Participate?

In this workshop you will receive information about what clinical trials are and the types of trials available, as well as their importance, benefits and risks. We will share about...
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Carolina Aristizabal
Juan Carmen

Adult Learning

This workshop allows promotores to develop innate skills to create a model of permanent community action using the principles of andragogy focused on the sustainability of social well-being in an...
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Bella Cecilia Obregón Gómez
Nubia Cristina González Obregón
Adriana Morieko

Rose Healing

An experiential workshop where you will learn about an alternative tool, free of religious concepts and taboos that offers physical, emotional, mental, and energetic well-being through the benefit of the...
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Heidy Caballero Fuentes

Promotores and Community Health Workers Are Essential in Surviving a Pandemic*

*Simultaneous interpretation will be provided. In this interactive workshop, we will review the roles and skills of essential workers during a pandemic, raising the importance of being prepared with skills...
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Dinorah Martínez

Women’s Reproductive Health: Know Your Rights

An interactive, informative, and skill-building workshop on sexual health rights and free reproductive health coverage. An introduction on how to talk to your children about a reproductive life plan. Objectives:...
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Sandra Abarca
Sylvia Castillo

Reaching Your Financial Goals

This workshop will provide the opportunity to take a look at personal finances. Participants will receive vital financial education and obtain key and urgent steps to take to eliminate debt,...
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Hugo E. Ramírez

The Importance of Men in the Role as a Father in Parenting*

This workshop will be based in reflection and sharing information about education and gender, with the purpose of including men in the eradication of gender violence. Participants will learn about...
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Guillermo Hernández

Nutritional Genomics: What It Is? How Can My Community Benefit?

This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of nutritional genomics, its application and efficacy in behavioral change, and the ethics, laws, and regulation associated with nutritional genomics. Objectives: Define...
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Nelida Duran, PhD, MS, RD

Myths and Realities in Communication: Promotores and Health Prevention in Times of Social Crisis

This workshop will prepare promotores and community health workers to transmit real and accurate information to the community through visual tools during crisis situations (natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics and others)....
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Bella Cecilia Obregón Gómez
Nubia Cristina González Obregón
Adriana Morieko

Collaboration Is Key

This workshop will discuss the importance of collaboration in historically marginalized communities. The Latino community is generally a collectivist culture, however, promotores and community health workers face difficulties in designing...
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Hilda Gehrke

Human Papillomavirus (HPV): What Is It and How to Prevent It?*

In Los Angeles County, cervical cancer rates in Latinas are disproportionately higher compared to other ethnic groups (14.3% for Latinas compared to 7.5% for Non-Hispanic Whites). To address this disparity,...
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Carolina Aristizabal
Juan Carmen

Don’t Get Overwhelmed: Self Care Workshop for Promotores

This workshop is for promotores who work in health care or advocate for health in general, and for people who are interested in advancing their knowledge of mental health, teaching...
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Priscilla Marín
Ghecemy López, DSW, MAEd

Give Your Health Value: Strengthen Your Immune System

Faced with the need of maintaining our immune system strong, our community need to make changes in their diets. This workshop will provide much needed knowledge to achieve this goal....
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Elena Henry
Jorge A. Cano

Promotores Building Community Power*

This workshop will provide information and tools for promotores to influence and make an impact on social policies and decisions made by public officials and institutions in their communities. Yes,...
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Arturo Palato