This conference is in Spanish. Simultaneous interpretation in English will be provided for the sessions listed below.
Day 1
06 Oct 2022
Day 2
07 Oct 2022
Day 3
08 Oct 2022

Promoting the Protective Factors That Strengthen Families*

Participants will have the opportunity to explore the Protective Factors Framework and learn about strategies that help families build those protective factors. Participants will learn how to use strengths-based strategies...
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Elsa Leal

Talking About the Human Papilloma Virus in the Latino Community*

In this workshop, the presenters will facilitate activities to encourage participants to open conversations about sexual health with providers, family, and friends. Participants will learn to advocate for themselves and...
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Alejandra Ramos
Carolina Aristizabal

Raising Awareness About Prostate Cancer in Latino and African-American Men*

In this workshop, participants will learn about prostate cancer, its risk factors, lifestyle changes to reduce the risk, screening methods, diagnosis and treatment options. Prostate cancer is the most common...
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Eduardo Ibarra
Carolina Aristizabal

Integrate: Dynamics of Group Formation and Icebreakers*

In this workshop, participants will practice activities that support the promotores getting to know each other, as well as group formation activities to help participants integrate and become a team....
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The Promotores Institute: Inspiring Personal and Community Transformation*

This workshop will discuss the ongoing training process for promotoras. A panel of promotoras from the first generation of Visión y Compromiso’s Instituto de Promotores (Promotores Institute) will review the...
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Patricia Rizo

Using Resilience to Survive a World in Crisis*

In this workshop, participants will learn to carry out self-help and self-care exercises, and communicate with empathy and active listening. These tools aim to generate better ways to communicate and...
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Fabiola Freire

Autism: Know the Basics About the Autism Spectrum*

In this workshop, participants will discuss general information about autism that will inform and guide promotores about the factors surrounding this condition and learn about early intervention resources that can...
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Julia Gonzalez
Angelica Maria Orellana

Popular Education and Community Promotores*

In this space, the presenters will share how popular education supports the work of promotores and their leadership towards the construction of community power, its organization, and cultural essence. The...
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Marlom Portillo

The Use of Social Media as an Education and Outreach Tool*

Currently, social networks are used continuously to learn about news, to purchase and sell diverse products, find information, establish contacts, play games, carry out professional activities, chat and share around...
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Liza Serna

Atlas of the Promotor’s Heart*

During this workshop, participants will reflect upon the construction of significant relationships by using their own experiences and deepening their understanding of feelings. Based on the book Atlas of the...
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Alma Esquivel

How to Produce Materials for Popular Education*

In this virtual workshop, presenters will share the basic process of production of educational materials based on popular education processes. They will share examples of materials already produced virtualy, highlighting...
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Marlom Portillo

Thinking Outside the Box: Working with Rural Communities*

During this workshop, participants will participate in a presentation, group activity, and group discussion to learn how to utilize available resources to create positive change in rural communities. * Interpretation available
Miguel Zepeda Rolon
Myra Chavoya-Perez