This conference is in Spanish. Simultaneous interpretation in English will be provided for the sessions listed below. All times are Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
Day 1
01 Oct 2020
Day 2
02 Oct 2020
Day 3
03 Oct 2020


The first session of the Eighteenth Annual Promotoras and Community Workers Conference will give us the opportunity to hear from our special guests and the sponsors who have invested their...
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Verne Brizendine
Trenae Simpson
Denise Campos
Arturo Vargas
Melinda Cordero-Bárzaga
Maria Lemus
Maria Lemus

Adaptation of Effective Community Outreach in Critical Times*

In this workshop, we will analyze adaptive strategies for effective community outreach in critical or non-traditional times for community promotores. Objectives: Promotores will learn the most common obstacles to the...
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Marisela Blancas
Hugo Ramirez

Immune System Function in the Prevention of COVID-19*

During this workshop, you will understand how the immune system works, the different parts that compose it, and the importance of keeping it healthy to achieve the prevention of COVID-19....
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Miriam Hernandez

Opening Plenary: The COVID-19 Pandemic: From Inequity to Social Justice*

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has uncovered major gaps in our systems of care, which have disproportionately affected our most vulnerable communities. Learn how these social factors influence, how they...
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Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, MD, PhD

Active Aging and Brain Health in Latinos*

The workshop will present information related to the latest clinical research for healthy aging and support resources for participants. The presentation will include a basic explanation for promotores about memory,...
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Gloria Martinez
Patricia Dailey
Carlos Londoño, MD, MPH

Emotional Intelligence*

In this workshop promotores will learn to identify tools that improve their communication, leadership and emotional intelligence skills and apply them in their social environments and communities as agents of...
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Fabiola Freire

Promotores and Community Health Workers Are Essential in Surviving a Pandemic*

*Simultaneous interpretation will be provided. In this interactive workshop, we will review the roles and skills of essential workers during a pandemic, raising the importance of being prepared with skills...
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Brenda Gonzales
Dinorah Martinez

The Importance of Men in the Role as a Father in Parenting*

This workshop will be based in reflection and sharing information about education and gender, with the purpose of including men in the eradication of gender violence. Participants will learn about...
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Guillermo Hernandez

Panel: Achieving Social Justice Requires an Individual Transformation*

Many social factors affect the health of each individual and the call to action from this plenary will invite us to think globally and act individually to create innovative collaborative...
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Silvia Ortega
Erin Mooney
Xochitl Castaneda, PhD
Melinda Cordero-Bárzaga

Human Papillomavirus (HPV): What Is It and How to Prevent It?*

In Los Angeles County, cervical cancer rates in Latinas are disproportionately higher compared to other ethnic groups (14.3% for Latinas compared to 7.5% for Non-Hispanic Whites). To address this disparity,...
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Carolina Aristizabal, MD, MPH, CHES
Juan Carmen

Promotores Building Community Power*

This workshop will provide information and tools for promotores to influence and make an impact on social policies and decisions made by public officials and institutions in their communities. Yes,...
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Arturo Palato