Emotional Intelligence*

02 Oct 2020
10:30 am-12:00 pm

Emotional Intelligence*

In this workshop promotores will learn to identify tools that improve their communication, leadership and emotional intelligence skills and apply them in their social environments and communities as agents of change and transformation. From the modern vision of leadership, now a day transforming leaderships are needed, where each one can play a role as an agent of change from their scope of action, knowledge and personal contribution.


  • Incorporate effective communication skills in social and community settings through tools and techniques that improve your communication style.
  • Develop tools for the recognition and management of emotions from the emotional intelligence approach, enabling the participants to development of leadership and assertiveness skills.
  • Identify the leadership and communication styles and personal abilities of each participant to function as a transformative leader and enhance their performance as leaders in communities or groups of people.

*Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.