Promotores as Agents of Change: From Recruitment to Research*

06 Oct 2017
3:45 pm – 5:30 pm

Promotores as Agents of Change: From Recruitment to Research*

(* = Translation Provided)

This workshop will engage conference participants with research method activities that can be brought back, reproduced, utilized, and applied to their respective areas of focus. An overview of the research project will be presented. The systematic approach to the study will be broken into discussions surrounding each phase. Promotores will discuss early research findings, group exercises involving the interactive methodology used to collect data, as well plans for how this information can be used to further change policies and procedures on multiple levels. This workshop will demonstrate the value for collaborative efforts between communities, universities, and promotor organizations. Conference participants can translate these methods and approaches directly towards their particular efforts.


  1. Describe the role of a research promotor/CHW (methodology, data collection).
  2. Learn how to incorporate research findings into successful outreach events and build trust
    within communities.
  3. Engage in skill building activities that apply to increasing awareness regarding family planning.