The Art of Supervising Promotores*

07 Oct 2017
10:30 am – 12:30 pm

The Art of Supervising Promotores*

(*=Translation Provided)

This workshop will provide a space to dialogue with a panel of promotor supervisors about how to lead the work of promotores using a strengths-based approach that first recognizes their skills and abilities, attitudes, common life experiences, and motivations, and then assess the areas for performance improvement such as report writing, filling out forms, attendance and punctuality, use of technology, etc.


  1. Describe the unique characteristics with which promotores approach their work and that require a unique supervision style.
  2. List the specific skills that promotores strongly demonstrate as part of an employee team.
  3. Discuss the strengths based approach to strengthen promotores’ skills as these relate to the effective carrying out of their work.