Reading Transforms You

06 Oct 2017
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Reading Transforms You

The goal of this workshop is to dialogue about the abilities and strengths that can be observed when a person participates in a reading group, including:
  • Developing critical thinking.
  • Making decisions regarding civic participation.
  • Analyzing ideas to make decisions in their communities.
  • Improving health holistically.

Reading bestows that internal force to the reader, it gives him/her the capacity of actively adapting to adverse situation in their environs, an ability also known as resilience. There will also be information presented about how to start a reading group.


  1. To list at least three benefits from reading.
  2. To describe at least two ways to start a reading network in Spanish in their community.
  3. To moderate or facilitate the discussion of a book in a Spanish reading group.