Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

05 Oct 2018
1:30 pm–3:30 pm

Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Now, more than ever, the social conscience is being elevated in regard to the causes and responses to sexual harassment; not only in the work environment but also in our daily lives. Using popular education principles, we will reflect about our perceptions and perspectives, and learn about the laws that protect all workers against sexual harassment. We will discuss real cases and will brainstorm ideas about what can be done to prevent these type of cases. We will talk about what we need to do to report an incident and more importantly, we will discuss our role in avoiding these situations anywhere we are, not just at work.


  1. Reflect about the socio-cultural perceptions and perspectives that foster the existence of sexual harassment.
  2. Increase their knowledge regarding federal and California state laws that protect workers against harassment and the resources that exist to report harassment case.
  3. Identify concrete actions to take in order to be part of positive change against harassment, not only at work but also in social and familial situations.