Among Women

05 Oct 2018
1:30 pm-3:30 pm

Among Women


In our interpersonal relationships we can create bridges or create walls. When, among women, we promote a culture of inclusion, tolerance, respect and empathy, we create bridges across which the community can connect. On the contrary, if we practice division, confrontation, jealousy, rivalry and apathy, what we construct are walls that block the flow among community members. This is an important topic because if we do not achieve tolerance and respect among us, the community becomes aware and our credibility is weakened.


  1. Explre jealousy through introspection and self-analysis to identify if they practice any of its characteristics.
  2. Discuss tools that can hep them transform jealousy into admiration.
  3. Analyze how best to practice a culture of inclusion and share it with other women in their community.