This conference is in Spanish. Simultaneous interpretation in English will be provided for the sessions listed below.
Day 1
16 Nov 2023
Day 2
17 Nov 2023
Day 3
18 Nov 2023

Plenary: The Past, Present and Future of the Promotora as an Agent of Change*

Change is a powerful force that begins within each promotora. In this first plenary, a panel of promotoras will describe their transformative work by sharing the philosophy and the values...
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Our Voice, Our Stories*

A dynamic and interactive workshop, where relevant and culturally sensitive information on end-of-life care options, advance planning, and resources available to the Latino community will be presented. Aimed at training...
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Monica Toquinto
Leslie Martinez
María D. Otero

Three Secrets to Change Your Life*

There are many people out there who ask questions that have not been answered and that surely have to do with the limiting beliefs instilled in them in childhood. That...
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Dahlia Quiñonez

The Power of All (English Session)*

Practicar es poder! Practicing is power! Join us in a session with expert advocates in social issues, health care access and more! This session will be focused on sharpening your...
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Vanessa Cajina
Marj Plumb
Maribel Montes de Oca

Plenary: Building New Pathways Toward Economic Self-Sufficiency for Promotoras*

In this powerful second plenary, a panel of federal and local leaders will honor the efforts of promotoras who have fought inequities to develop economic self sufficiency for themselves and...
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Dimensions of Human Behavior: I Am the Change*

The intention of the workshop is to provoke participants to recognize, know, and take action against the stabilization of the dimensions that make up the human being as a person...
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Henry Saray

Do You Speak or Communicate? Your Personal or Professional Success Depends on This*

We will address the fundamentals of communication and the components of effective communication in different situations, both personal and in community activities. Objectives Understand what it means to communicate and...
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Hugo R. Ramírez

Promotores on the Way to Professionalization, Learning and Applying the Best Techniques and Tools Through the Reinforcement of Personal Skills*

An experiential and practical workshop where through exercises we will address how to create a space for personal growth, healing and self-care, as well as innovative instructional tools. Objectives Learn...
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Isabel Morales

Mental Health Coping Strategies*

This workshop will give promotores tools to practice and teach breathwork and gratitude journaling. We will be guiding a breathing technique and providing prompts for journaling exercises. Participants will walk...
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Promotores, a Bridge to Health*

In our workshop we will focus on why improving patient communications is critical to improving health outcomes. We emphasize the role of promotores in educating the community about health. Objectives...
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Russell A. Bennett

The Relationship Between Chronic Diseases and Mental Health*

During this workshop promotores will be able to understand the bidirectional relationship between chronic disease and mental health with a special focus on diabetes and depression. Promotores will learn to...
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Rosalba Cain
Adriana Argaiz
Alma García

Centering Youth Voices: Youth Promotores as Agents of Change (English Session)*

When youth are given access to the decision making table, watch out! Come join us as we share the journey of how youth Promotores in Kern County are creating health...
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